The Big Wedding Blu-ray
There are moments during Lionsgate Home Entertainment’s brand new release, The Big Wedding, where audiences will think, “This should really be an enjoyable, easy movie.” The core cast is solid and the general idea of familial trouble at a wedding is feasible enough. Regardless, the overarching plot of two people pretending to be married for the sake of their adoptive son is nonsensical, and The Big Wedding never really gets over this initial hump.

Don (Robert DeNiro) and Ellie (Diane Keaton) have been divorced for a decade. Don’s been partnered with Bebe (Susan Saradon) for nearly that whole time, straining relations between himself and his ex, but they must all come together for a weekend wedding between their adoptive son Alejandro (Ben Barnes) and his Catholic girlfriend Missy (Amanda Seyfried). Though relations are strained, things seem to be going fine until Alejandro hatches a harebrained scheme to have Don and Ellie pretend they are still married in order to save the feelings of his birth mother, who has decided to attend the wedding. Shenanigans and hurt feelings ensue, some of which are believable and some of which are unbelievable fluff.

Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace are a breath of fresh air in the picture, creating a believable brother and sister relationship based on poking fun at one another. They aren't the only two relationships that work in the movie, but they are the most exciting and I almost wish the two character's plotlines had been the focal point of the film. Then again, the fact that both Grace and Heigl have secondary plotlines within the film (he's a virgin, she's broken up with her husband) goes a long way to explain how convoluted and winding The Big Wedding gets before any weddings actually happen onscreen.

There's some promise in the movie, but mostly the entire weekend falls flat.

Best Special Feature: There’s really only one bonus feature with the disc. It’s a lengthy, behind-the-scenes featurette that discusses the making of the film. Most of this featurette follows the cast and crew talking about how Bob (DeNiro) was great and how awesome first time director Justin Zackham was with details. However, there are a few moments when the costuming and the actual wedding planning for the film is discussed, and if you are into these sorts of behind-the-scenes details, you’ll appreciate those portions of the featurette.

Additionally, if you are wondering how so much big talent got involved in this picture, apparently Keaton was the first to get on board. She convinced DeNiro, and the rest fell into place soon after.

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