Girls: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray
The second season of Girls is a little more zany and pulsating with the neuroses of its characters than the first. This time around, the girl crew, made up of Hannah (Lena Dunham), Marnie (Allison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), are also split up a little more frequently, going off on their own paths to forge an identity for themselves. Jessa, notably, is missing for several episodes, but it’s the wedge between Marnie and Hannah that is more key to the plot in Season 2.

Girls has always been a show about awkward and self-involved characters from semi-privileged to privileged backgrounds eking it out in the wilds of Brooklyn with too much time to think. The show’s humor is driven from its writing, and Girls offers some heavy hitters, including Dunham herself, Jennifer Konner, and even Judd Apatow. The truthfulness of these 20-something characters YOLOing about New York City can’t be denied; still, their personalities and problems are geared toward a very specific audience.

Even if you’ve always been a big fan of the girls in Girls, Season 2 may not be as exciting as the first round at bat. I attribute this to the fact that Girls has lost its shock value in Season 2, even when Hannah is desperately running around and getting coke from a recovered junkie. Occasionally, audiences are forced to endure a scene that is so wacky it seems out of character for even the eccentric personalities on the show. For seasoned viewers, this stuff may come across as jarring rather than truly shocking.

Still, in many ways the characters have been true to their story arcs. The quiet moments we get with Hannah as she deals with her OCD have been truly terrifying and there have been plenty of them. Season 2 has been a big year for working out relationships but also kinks within the series itself and as the show matures into Season 3, we may get the best moments from Girls, yet.

Best Special Feature: Unlike poor Enlightened this week, HBO put together a set full of bells and whistles for Girls: The Complete Second Season. A full set of DVD copies of episodes is available along with the Blu-ray episodes. This is the sort of show that doesn’t really need high definition, though, so you would probably be alright if you just purchased the DVD.

I was actually a big fan of the “Guys on Girls” featurette when HBO first posted it, and I would still recommend giving the segment a shot.

Other Special Features:
Deleted & Extended Scenes
Episode 5 Table Read
Charlie Rose interview with Lena Dunham”
Inside the Episodes Emily Nussbaum interviews Lena Dunham
Audio Commentaries
Gag Reel
Judy Collins Extended Scenes
The Swell Season (with special guest Daniel Johnston) – “Life in Vain”

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