Twin Peaks Entire Box
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery
David Lynch’s cult series Twin Peaks has informed much of the TV that has come after. It has inspired niche fanbases since its premiere in the early nineties, and it is finally hitting homes in High Definition today in an awesome full-series set that is chock full of bonus features. Deleted scenes, outtakes, image galleries, interviews and featurettes are all part of the Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery set, which should go a long way to make it the definitive release of the series, and possibly the best purchase you could make this week, and maybe even this year, provided you are part of that elusive niche fanbase.

The box presentation for Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery is almost as impressive as the High Definition look at the nineties series. CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution chose a box size and paper texture similar to a lot of HBO’s nicest sets. However, once you open up The Entire Mystery, the similarities end. The entire set is a dense flip-through book filled with prominent images from the series, as well as the lists of extras and episodes and the discs themselves. There’s even a nice little secret compartment at the bottom of the box, where you can hide half lockets and the like.

The features also offer a lot for fans. I meant it when I said Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery is the definitive set for the series, but with a $134.99 list price, I wouldn’t recommend it for those just getting into Lynch’s show. On the first disc alone, there are bonus features, plus two different ways to watch the pilot. The best way to get through the set is to watch one disc and then consume the corresponding extras. A lot of TV sets are set up this way, but if you are just planning to binge watch, you don’t need all the fluff.

Best Special Feature:: It's a toss up between Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and the deleted footage available on the disc. Both are big time commitments, but Fire Walk With Me, especially, looks great on Blu-ray.

If Lynch ain’t your thing, have no fear. Here’s a list of a few more sets coming out this week. Unless otherwise noted, sets are available on both Blu-ray and DVD.

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