The Place Beyond the Pines Blu-ray
Derek Cianfrance’s The Place Beyond the Pines had a quiet theatrical release, but has also managed to build buzz critically and find its way on to many critic’s ‘best of 2013 so far’ lists. The film isn’t a riot or an action-oriented drama. It’s not a film that is full of heroes, but it is a film that is full of struggling men of different types and from different time periods. Several stories run parallel in the movie, telling stories about genetics, father and son relationships, and how total strangers can sometimes have a large impact on one another’s lives.

In the narrative, Ryan Gosling plays Luke Glanton, a motorcyclist-turned-bank robber who wants to provide for his family. Bradley Cooper plays Avery Cross, a low-end police officer whose life changes thanks to the Glanton robberies. The two have sons who later grow up to meet one another, creating new complications in the film’s small world. The frame of the film is larger than Derek Cianfrance’s last movie, Blue Valentine, but the director proves once again that he can tell an impacting story in a small geographical area.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s set doesn’t offer a ton of bonus features, but a few deleted and extended scenes are worthwhile. Additionally, the Blu-ray offers a featurette called “Going to The Place Beyond the Pines” that's worth a watch, along with director's commentary that I couldn't get all the way through. If you buy this one, do so for the film itself.

You can order the film over at Amazon.

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