House of Cards DVD
House of Cards tells the tale of Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright), a Washington D.C. power couple made up of a Congressional Whip and an enterprising charity runner. The Underwoods will stop at nothing to ensure they have gotten as far ahead in the political realm as possible. For Frank, this includes leaking information to journalist Zoe (Kate Mara) and blackmailing other congressional members, including rep. Peter Russo (Corey Stoll), to do his bidding. Similar to Frank, Claire is cold, and has no problem firing members of her staff to get ahead.

Like Starz’s Boss, Netflix’s drama is all about power plays and how far a person is willing to go to achieve a goal. Occasionally the plots border on the unbelievable, but within the context of the series’ tone and because the characters and dialogue are so carefully written, the audience should have no trouble buying into the series wherever the writers go in Season 1. It’s all the more impressive considering House of Cards is a relatively early outing for Netflix’s original programming.

Netflix is changing the way that some people watch television, releasing all of Season 1 in the same moment. Presumably, the DVD set is for people who don’t have the subscription streaming service or, for some reason, would prefer a physical copy of the drama. I wouldn’t call Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s House of Cards set the nicest thing I’ve ever seen, but it certainly offers a secondary way to watch the series for audiences who haven’t bought in to Netflix, yet, even though the list price for the DVD set is $55, whereas Netflix packages start at only $7.99 a month.

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