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The Los Angeles portrayed in The Canyons is not a very grounded place. It offers a world built on unstable and selfish personalities that seems all the more sinister in the sunny and bright setting that is Southern California. The Canyons isn’t an easy film to get through, but the viewing experience isn’t wholly negative.

The Canyons was given all of the hype that a film featuring the recently rehabbed Lindsay Lohan deserved, and she’s about the most interesting thing in the movie. Most of the film revolves around Lohan’s character, Tara, and the devolving relationship she has with her wealthy partner, Christian (James Deen). Like other works written by Bret Easton Ellis, Tara and Christian are bored individuals who lack empathy and who treat those closest to them like pawns. In this case, those closest are young people in Hollywood like Christian’s gung-ho assistant Gina (Amanda Brooks), struggling actor Ryan (Nolan Gerard Funk), and a yoga instructor named Cynthia (Tenille Houston).

The film was put together and shot on a cheap budget, and director Paul Schrader’s vision won’t bowl anyone over with its astuteness. Still, The Canyons has a coloring and a synth-oriented soundtrack that makes it stand out, and its story, while harrowing and simultaneously a little goofy, does feature Lohan proving she can act. This may not be the movie that turns things around for LiLo, but it may be the movie that reminds you of why she was an "it girl" in the first place.

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Best Special Feature: There are a surprising number of extras on the disc, but none of them are particularly interesting. In fact, most of the extras are short and feature a bunch of wordless picture sequences from the shooting of the film rather than an actual extra featuring interviews with the cast and crew. The one exception is the "Creating The Canyons" featurette, which features interviews with some of the behind-the-scenes people like Brett Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader who explain how the film came together. If you want to really get invested in the story of The Canyons, however, I believe you should probably just check out this artful New York Times article.

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