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Breaking Bad: The Final Season Blu-ray
We couldn’t get our hands on the awesome complete series set for Breaking Bad, but we do know it will come in a barrel and will come with a bunch of extras and other bells and whistles. If you are excited about that collectible complete series set, you can check out more about it, here.

We did get our hands on Breaking Bad: The Final Season set, however. The Blu-ray combo pack only comes with the final eight episodes of Season 5.5 that aired on AMC into this fall. Which means if you still haven’t caught the first eight episodes of Season 5, you will have to purchase those separately. Still, the set is not one to laugh at. As the Blu-ray box gleefully notes, it comes with nine hours of bonus features and it also comes with the Mythbusters Breaking Bad Special, which follows the guys testing the probability of certain crime-oriented ideas that came up during the hit series.

There’s no doubt Breaking Bad’s final round of episodes were both carefully devised and well-executed. As a result, there is a very good chance the last season will be remembered as one of the greatest conclusions to a series ever. If you’re a fan of the show or television in general, you going to want to own the final chunk of episodes, both for the originally shown content and the bonus features the smaller partial season only release contains. Regardless of what you might be into, there’s something on the discs for all types of fans including specials on the show runner, well-edited compilations of footage, deleted and extended scenes and a whole lot more. Besides, I'm pretty sure most of us would watch anything that emerged from the Breaking Bad set at this point given we're out of luck on new footage that doesn't involve the spin-off.

You can order Breaking Bad: The Final Season over at Amazon.

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