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Last year was an excellent year for horror films, with Mama, The Conjuring, and even the The Purge finding box office success and staunch fan bases. Among the latest entries in the horror genre was Carrie, a remake of the classic 1976 film that is set in the modern day and features Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore as one of the world’s most unlikeable mother daughter teams.

A story about bullying is particularly timely, and audiences won’t be able to help feeling bad for the titular character early on. Raised and somewhat homeschooled by a crazy religious mother, Carrie is very behind socially and isn’t aware of many of the changes happening to her teenaged body. This makes her an extremely insecure individual, a facet we haven’t really seen Moretz attempt before. She’s pretty good at playing the shy character, but she’s not as exciting as Moore, who takes religious fervor to another level, puncturing her legs with a seam ripper whenever she gets stressed. It’s one of the many reasons Carrie earns its violent reputation this time around.

Carrie’s a lot like its predecessor, but with a few twinges to modernize the settings, wardrobes, vocabulary and music. It’s certainly not the classic we’ve known for quite some time, but with its fiery performances and a nice Blu-ray combo pack complete with an excellent 3D cover, it’s still a set worth perusing.

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Best Special Feature: The alternate ending is worth a watch, but it can’t be activated straight from the menu page after you watch the theatrical edition. There are also a ton of deleted scenes available with the set. Some of them are truly out there or are even played for weirdly comedic effect, and it’s easy to see why they were cut. However, there are a few truly interesting scenes showing Carrie and various events from her childhood that are worth checking out.

Other Special Features:
Carrie with alternate ending
"Creating Carrie"
"The Power of Telekinesis"
Commentary by director Kimberly Peirce
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

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