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In a clunky bit of exposition, we learn that government advisor Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) has been sacked and is looking for a new gig. Through a chance encounter, he meets the daughter of a woman named Philomena (Judi Dench), who has been looking for her son for nearly fifty years. After a little bit of cajoling, Sixsmith decides to return to his roots as a journalist and cover the "puff piece" that is Philomena’s life story.

Of course, it’s not really a puff story. Instead, it’s a story of convictions and of limited options, of a birth mother who signed an agreement to adopt out her child when she had no other place to go. It’s a story of traveling to a new country and seeing how children grow into adults, and it’s a story about two people who change and develop their lives in irrefutable ways. It’s the type of emotional but small budget story the Academy might love, and it’s no shock Philomena landed a handful of Oscar nominations. Philomena is familiar even in its most shocking moments, but writers Coogan and Jeff Pope put enough interesting flourishes on the adoption tale to keep audiences interested. All in all, Philomena looks crisp on Blu-ray and offers a few extras, including audio commentary, but if you are looking to purchase the flick, you should really do so for the story.

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