This week in new home entertainment offers a whole lot more television than normal and, in fact, some of these TV releases are a little bittersweet, giving viewers a chance to say goodbye to one impactful program and allowing audiences a chance to view shows from yesteryear. This week also offers a few indie greats and a couple of big action-oriented films. From RZA to 007, this week is full of great casts, quick wit, and plenty of bonus features. Read on to learn about some of this week’s best releases, and maybe even a few that slipped under your radar.

The Sessions
The Sessions is a sharp and often funny movie, despite it’s odd subject material. In a little over an hour and a half, Director Ben Lewin weaves the tale of the life of a paralyzed poet alongside a story of great change and unconventional romance to create a film that is affecting all the way through.

Lewin’s film is helped by an all-star cast, which stars Academy Award nominee John Hawkes and Academy Award-winning actress Helen Hunt. It’s particularly interesting to see Hawkes take on the nasally whine and mannerisms of O’Brien and to see Hunt reinvent herself as a no-nonsense therapist with a bit of a Boston accent. There’s lot going on in The Sessions, but the film is intricate and challenging and will leave audiences to think about Big Picture questions for days after.

The Sessions is a smaller Blu-ray release, which means there is no digital or DVD copy is present, but buyers will earn Ultraviolet and far more bonus features than the average small budget film offers.

Best Special Feature: Fox Searchlight’s disc offers featurettes discussing lead actress Helen Hunt’s role as well as an extra focusing on John Hawkes' role and a segment on the rest of the cast. Of the three, “John Hawkes Becomes Mark O’Brien” is an intimate look at the processes Hawkes went through to become his character. It’s amazing to hear the lengths Hawkes went to in order to become O’Brien, without ever resorting to special effects.

Other Special Features:
Deleted Scenes “Writer/ Director Ben Lewin Finds Inspiration”
“John Hawkes Becomes Mark O’Brien”
“Helen Hunt as The Sex Surrogate”
“The Women Who Loved Mark O’Brien”
“A Session with the Cast”

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