Gossip Girl: The Complete Series
Gossip Girl spent six seasons introducing fans to the fashion and politics of navigating the upper crust of society in New York City. The story is not so fortuitous as it may seem. Gossip Girl premiered to sad ratings and was nearly cancelled when a repeat of the first season during the infamous writer’s strike brought the show to a wider audience. Finishing up its run just this winter, Gossip Girl became an institution on the CW and for the first time, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has been able to put together a full series DVD set.

In some ways, Gossip Girl: The Complete Series is a little wanting. Each season has literally just been transplanted into a bigger box with cool cover art, which means some of the individual seasons are differently sized. Plus, there’s no bonus disc, so if you already own any of the past seasons, there’s little reason to shell out for the full series set and you may just want to opt for the Season 6 release. Still, if you are a huge fan of the series or know someone who is, having all the episodes and plenty of bonus features in one package is still a pretty nice gift.

The bonus features are too numerous to list, but since Seasons 1-5 offer the same extras as previous Gossip Girl one-season releases, we’ll focus on Season 6.

Best Special Feature: The “Gossip Girl Series Retrospective.” While I was hoping the CW would pull an MTV and put together an after-the-show reunion special where the cast could talk favorite scenes and costumes, this is pretty close. Beginning with Season 1 and talking up to set takedowns, all of Gossip Girl’s biggest characters and crew members get the chance to talk gratitude for such a long run, as well as lessons learned along the way.

Other Special Features:
Unaired Scenes
“A Big Farewell to our Upper East Siders”
Gossip Girl prequel It Had To Be You Audiobook download
Gag Reel

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