The Man With The Iron Fists
The Man with the Iron Fists offers a great soundtrack and well-choreographed fight sequences, alongside plenty of cheeseball dialogue. Even with such a strange mash-up of influences, RZA’s directorial debut may be worth a purchase. It’s an odd flick that’s certainly worth at least one watch and Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put together a Blu-ray that’s often a visual treat and that features plenty of extras.

RZA himself is a brooding character in the film and Russell Crowe appears as a hefty man often more excited about pleasure than anything else. There’s plenty of scanty costumes and blood-ridden scenes, so you know what type of movie you are getting into ahead of time. Additionally, The Man with the Iron Fists Blu-ray offers an Unrated Version of the film, which gets even bloodier than the theatrical version.

Best Special Feature: “On the Set with RZA” follows the actor, director, and musician for the first day of filming onward. There are several shorter segments within this bigger segment and we get to see plenty of shots from the film juxtaposed with shots from the production. Some pretty cool locations are explored in depth and RZA speaks about his influences.

Other Special Features:
Deleted Scenes
“A Look Inside The Man with the Iron Fists
“A Path to the East”

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