Chicago Fire Season 1 DVD
Dick Wolf’s done the police thing for years, and so he knows about brotherhood and teamwork. He currently has an executive producing credit on Chicago Fire, an hour long drama that appeared on NBC this past season. Created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, the drama follows the lives of a Chicago Fire Department crew, as well as the various emergencies they face from day to day. The drama is as formulaic as the average procedural, but thanks to familiar characters and heart-wrenching moments, it’s still investing.

We meet the Chicago Fire Department crew in one of its worst moments. Facing a house fire, a brave firefighter heads in, but never comes out. A month after the death of Darden, there is still unrest in the crew, which only gets worse when newcomer Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) shows up. Other cast members include the fast-thinking 25th Battalion Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker), firefighter and contractor Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), paramedics Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) and Leslie Elizabeth Shay (Lauren German), and ladies man Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney).

Chicago Fire is a true ensemble show, and the entire fire crew knows each other well. In fact, there’s plenty of competition in the department and watching pranks played on the newcomer and other jokes unfold brings a little lightness to a plot that is otherwise full of drama. The opening sequence is great, and the pilot’s an alright introduction to the series, but if you get the chance to catch the second episode, you’ll get a better idea of the sort of emotional highs and lows that the drama thrives on.

Chicago Fire isn’t changing the drama landscape any, but it’s still the right level of entertaining and emotional in that very specific Dick Wolf sort of way.

Best Special Feature: The extras with the set include podcasts and behind-the-scenes shots for different episodes. Of these, the best is a behind-the-scenes segment where Monica Raymund has a snake phobia and has to wrangle a reptile. She’s crying onscreen and it’s one of those moments where you feel empathy for the actress but also are extremely amused by the whole situation. The extras aren’t great, but that’s why the DVD set is already available for $27.99 on Amazon.

Other Special Features:
“Otis’ Podcasts”

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