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Space may be the final frontier, but it’s not always the most compelling premise for a theatrical release. Alfonso Cuarón’s decision to tell a story in space with Gravity, and to tell a story that was neither space opera nor heady vision of reality, is a gutsy one, and gives viewers plenty of reasons to watch.

The versatile Sandra Bullock and the glitzy George Clooney may not have been the most apparent choices for two brilliant astronauts floating through space, but they work in Gravity, with Bullock playing a Ph.D. winner and mission specialist named Dr. Ryan Stone. Clooney’s on board as Lieutenant Matt Kowalski, a fun-loving astronaut who is just shy of nabbing a spacewalking record. The team is in space to service a telescope when a debris field begins orbiting Earth and heading into the team’s path. Stone and the rest of the team strive to survive on this landscape as the debris path takes down anything in its path.

I was expecting a high-stakes thriller with Gravity, but over and over again the film proves to also be a horror movie, filling the audience’s heads with imagery that is not subtle and is often very unsettling. Luckily, the horror elements in the film are very well-drawn and relevant to the narrative, and help to engage viewers even further into a story that basically amounts to a series of very unfortunate events.

If you haven’t caught Gravity, yet, I highly suggest watching it on a big TV, and maybe even a 3D TV, if you have that capacity. Even if you aren’t a fan of the thriller aspects of the critically acclaimed flick, there’s no doubt it’s a visual stunner, and on Blu-ray even the space debris pops. Not to mention there are numerous shots of Bullock’s character looking out over a glorious version of Earth from a perspective most of us will never get to see in our lifetimes: space. There are plenty of reasons to tune in to give Gravity a shot, but tuning in for the visual spectacle is probably the best reason.

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Best Bonus Features: Gravity offers fans a ton of extra content relating to the flick. Among the bonus features is a short film called "Aningaaq," which follows the other end of the conversation Dr. Ryan Stone has with an Inuit fisherman during Gravity. The short film is directed by Alfonso Cuarón’s son Jonás Cuarón. While the sentimental short offers plenty of reasons to watch, science fans might be more excited by "Collission Point: The Race to Clean Up Space," a documentary narrated by Ed Harris that takes a look at Donald J. Kesslers theory, The Kessler Syndrome. This theory explains how objects in space might find themselves on a collision path and also explains scientific ideas for cleaning up space. The documentary should help anyone unfamiliar with the science in the film gain an understanding of how Cuarón and son were able to put together the script for the film.

Other Bonus Features:
"Gravity: Mission Control- It Began with a Story"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Initial Challenges"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Previsualizing Gravity"
"Gravity: Mission Control- The Hues of Space"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Physical Weightlessness"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Space Tech"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Sandra and George"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Final Animation"
"Gravity: Mission Control- Complete Silence"
"Shot Breakdowns"
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