The Last Stand Blu-ray
The plot in The Last Stand is about as ridiculous and off-the-charts as fans have come to expect from mid-budget action films. When a drug lord (Eduardo Noriega) escapes his prisoner transport detail in the U.S. with the aid of his underlings, he heads south in a super nice Chevy Corvette C6 ZR1. The only thing standing between the cartel leader and the border is the small town of Sommerton Junction.

For a film brought to audiences by a director who speaks no English, The Last Stand offers plenty of action-timed laughs and quippy comments from Arnold and Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville, who plays a gun enthusiast with a “historical” armory in the small town. In fact, the arsenal of supporting characters surrounding Arnold are cast perfectly and (besides Knoxville) include Luis Guzman, Forest Whitaker, and Jaimie Alexander, who has shown a capacity to be an action heroine before in Thor.

Big guns, standoffs, and plenty of car chases are all tenets of the popcorn action flick, but there are one or two surprisingly impactful moments, as well. Big Love’s Harry Dean Stanton plays a hardass farmer in one of these moments, when he attempts to square off against a bigger bully. Still, it’s the gun and car chases that keep The Last Stand movie pushing forward at a pleasant pace.

The Last Stand is more about the action sequences, but if you do decide to invest in this bit of escapism, there aren’t big enough explosions or intricate CGI work to make a Blu-ray purchase a must-have. Still, Amazon has the Blu-ray to order for $14.99 and a DVD to order for $13.99, and an extra dollar for nicer picture isn’t all that much.

Best Special Feature: The Last Stand offers plenty of bonus features and most of them give audiences looks behind the scenes and at the creation of the film. I was surprisingly excited about “Actor-Cam Anarchy,” which features Knoxville and Alexander walking fans through a long and cold morning on set. We get to meet many of the people involved with the making of the film and see how all of the connective parts of filmmaking come together on set to produce actual content. The shaky camera and home movie effect leave something to be desired, but otherwise, it’s an information-filled segment.

Other Special Features:
“Not in My Town: Making The Last Stand
“Cornfield Chaos: Scene Breakdown”
“The Dinkum Firearm and Historic Weaponry Museum Tour”
Deleted and Extended Scenes

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