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We’re the Millers is a grab bag of wild plots and amusing punchlines set to the backdrop of a plotline that makes little sense. If you can get past the idea that a small town drug dealer would get sent on a dangerous mission to unwittingly steal drugs from a Mexican drug lord and then get past the idea that this small town dealer hires a fake family in order to be able to get the drugs across the border, you’re in for a comedy that will make you laugh, mostly thanks to having an impeccable cast.

We’re The Millers stars the always-likeable Jason Sudeikis as the aforementioned small town drug dealer, who is forced into a dangerous mission by his douchebag boss, Brad (Ed Helms), to commandeer more drugs after he can’t produce a significant sum of money owed. He’s tasked with bringing the substances over the border, and to do so he hires two neighborhood teens, the parentless Kenny (Will Poulter) and the runaway Casey (Emma Roberts), as well as a local stripper named Rose (Jennifer Aniston) to pose as his family and get the drugs across the border, no questions asked.

Pretending to be a family can be a difficult process, and on their drug-seeking journey the team encounters some internal strife as they butt up against drug dealers, police officers, and another family traveling by RV that happens to have a DEA agent in the family. (Nick Offerman’s excellent mustache thankfully makes an appearance in many of these scenes.) The story even gets through a few moments that are surprisingly touching amidst the more numerous penis jokes and nods to TLC’s "Waterfalls."

At the end of the day, We’re The Millers becomes a film that is more about its misfit characters and the chances those characters take when life throws random opportunities their way. Though there’s a weird swingers sex scene and a bad orca joke to get through, We’re The Millers manages to actually hit on some poignant notes while keeping its audience invested in the jokes through the length of its run.

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Best Special Feature: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment’s set comes with a few extras. A few of these are featurettes, but the better extras are the deleted scenes, the gags, and the extra outtakes. I thought the "Outtakes Overload" would be the best feature, but it is actually a set of featurettes with interviews. Segments within the segment include "Don’t Suck Venom," "Getting Out of A Sticky Situation," and "Rollin in the RV." We get it. People improvise a lot with comedy scripts.

The deleted scenes and gags & more outtakes segments actually feature some revisions of scenes and funny moments from the shooting of the film. So, if you are into some extra laughs or if you want to see the various directions a few scenes could have gone, these segments are the best things on the disc to catch.

Other Special Features:
"Millers Unleashed: Outtakes Overload"
"Behind the Scenes: Stories from the Road"
"Behind the Scenes: Livin’ it up with Brad"
"Behind the Scenes: When Paranoia Sets In"
Deleted Scenes
Gags & More Outtakes

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