Grimm: Season 2 Blu-ray
During its second season, Grimm finally found its niche in the NBC lineup. With the fandom related to the series, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has put together an extremely nice Blu-ray set that is chock full of bonus features—somewhat unusual for an NBC network show.

Grimm is a series that is often shot in the dark, and one of the first things buyers of the Blu-ray will notice is that the scenes shot in darkness are lit incredibly and look great in High Definition. Thanks to vampire dramas being prominent, there are so many shows that are frequently set during nighttime hours (see True Blood and The Vampire Diaries) and Grimm is the best I’ve seen at lighting those hours up.

The series follows Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) as a cop and descendant of the Grimms, a group of hunters who fight supernatural creatures. There’s plenty of myth and lore in Grimm, and the characters are well-developed enough in Season 2 that a wide variety of creatures, including hexenbiests, all seem to be pretty commonplace. The show’s always been part ensemble supernatural drama and part procedural and that weird mix is what is most engaging about the show.

That’s not to say some of the characters aren’t entertaining. Burkhardt’s buddy, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), still offers comedic relief, but is also a more helpful part of the team in Season 2. Additionally, Nick’s mom, Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) also pops up in the first episode of Season 2, and threatens the balance and alliances that Nick has achieved with some of the wesen living in the area. Season 2 offers a solid 22 episodes of content, and the set is actually quite fun to peruse.

You can order Grimm over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: A large chunk of the bonus features are available on the fifth disc in the set, but it’s kind of tricky to spot them as there are also several episodes on disc five. There are a lot of really engaging bonus features, including the webisodes and some of the featurettes. It may be worth it, however, to purchase the Blu-ray if you are able and willing, as the HD picture is worth the cost and the Blu-ray sports a few bonus features not available with the DVD.

The best of these Blu-ray only extras is a feature called the “Grimm Guide.” It’s interactive, and it offers an index of most of the supernatural creatures that have popped up in the series, along with photos, definitions, and video footage.

Other Special Features:
Collector’s Cards
Extended episode
Grimm Guide
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel
Grimm: Myths, Monsters, & Legends”
Grimm: Creatures and Chaos”
Bad Hair Day Webisodes
Monroe’s Best Moments

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