Got a problem? Need help? Odds against you? Looking for a movie concept? Call The Equalizer.

In general the Weinstein Bros. have been pretty good about staying away from television adaptations That's about to change with the announcement that their plans for a movie based on the 80's action series "The Equalizer" are still going forward.

There have been mumblings for near a year now that the project was in development, but Empire Online seems to have the word from Harvey Weinstein that things are moving forward. Harvey apparently had some pretty close ties to watching the show and claims it was one of his favorites. The show starred Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, an ex-government agent who sets out to right the dark actions of his past by helping people in hopeless situations. His signature way of attracting those in need with a Yellow Page ad reading "Got a problem? Need help? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer" became a part of 80's pop culture. The solution usually involved putting a bullet into the person causing trouble. Think of him as a one man A-Team with a much cooler way of dealing with the bad guys.

The writing was smart and the main character enjoyably grouchy and good at dealing out justice. While I generally frown on TV adaptations, this one seems like a potentially good option. I remain cautiously interested. Woodward, now in his mid-seventies, is likely too old to star, but that's getting ahead of things a bit. The movie doesn't even have a script yet.

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