When the Weinstein Company announced their plans back in November to start shooting the found footage space drama Apollo 18 and have it ready for a March release this year, it seemed like a somewhat insane plan. How were they going to get it in theaters that quickly, and even if they pulled it off, how would the movie be any good? Now it seems the studio has finally come to their senses-- according to Deadline the Weinsteins have pushed the release back to January 6, 2012, nearly a year after it was first scheduled to hit theaters.

That date, a little over a year after the move started filming, is obviously more logical, but the first week in January spot is also a kiss of death, pretty much the closest you can get to a guarantee that a movie will be terrible. Not that anyone had particularly high expectations for Apollo 18 given the lightning quick production schedule, but this likely confirms all the worst suspicions you might have had.

The Weinsteins made a few other changes to the upcoming schedule, slating the Sundance hit Our Idiot Brother (formerly titled My Idiot Brother) for August 26, the Sarah Jessica Parker-led comedy I Don't Know How She Does It for September 16, and Piranha 3DD-- the sequel that needs no further description-- for November 23. The I Don't Know How She Does It release timing is particularly interesting, given that the preceding week will be taken up with commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and the comedy is set in New York City. Maybe it'll be both a perfect palate cleanser and a proper tribute after a week that's sure to be full of rough memories.

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