After legal troubles and studio shuffling, it looks like Terminator 4 may be back on track again. I say that, because rumor has it that Rachel Weisz and Chloe Sevigny are competing for the female lead in the film. If the movie hasn’t escaped from development hell, then they’re fighting each other for vapor.

The strange news of their involvement comes from our friends over at MovieHole, where they picked up a story from Bang Media which says the two actresses are out to impress the sequel’s producers. This comes not long after Rachel Weisz dropped out of The Mummy 3 because she thought the script was crap. Granted, the Mummy 3 script is godawful, but I’m surprised by the notion that the T4 script is all that much better. Apparently it’s good enough to interest not just Weisz, but one of Bill Paxton’s wives.

The Bang story adds that an unnamed “high profile hunk” has already been cast as the movie’s lead. That fits with some of the rumors we heard that T3 star Nick Stahl might not return as John Connor. We also know Claire Danes probably won’t reprise her T3 leading female role in T4, leaving an actress vacuum to be filled. Of course putting 35-year-old Weisz or 32-year-old Sevigny in her place might be weird, since when last we left them John Connor and his babe were supposed to be in their early twenties. If T4 picks up where T3 left off (and it had better otherwise I’m going to be pissed), it wouldn’t make much sense for them to suddenly be ten years older.

That leaves the possibility that Weisz or Sevigny could be a new female terminator… but come on they aren’t the robotic types. The whole notion of one of them being in Terminator 4 just doesn’t fit at all. Throw this in the wild rumor category until someone besides the gossip-mongers over at Bang is able to confirm the story.

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