Given that Wes Craven never seemed all that enthusiastic about making Scream 4 to begin with, it was a little surprising when Harvey Weinstein started enthusiastically talking not just about a Scream 5 and Scream 6, but that Craven would be directing both films. Sure he's the name most closely associated with the project, and one of the few horror directors with an identifiable name in the genre, but Craven'ts an old, rich man who probably has better things to do than continually exhume the corpse of a franchise he seems done with. Right?

Well, probably not. Talking to Entertainment Weekly Craven insisted that he's "taking the summer off," going "someplace nice" with his wife and "not thinking about film for a while." But he also acknowledged that the Weinstein company is contractually obligated to give him "first dibs" on the next sequel, and admitted it's "entirely possible" that he'll return. He used the same wishy-washy excuse many directors use when not clear on whether or not they'll do a project: "if they get a script I’m interested in directing. The best situation would be if Kevin (Williamson, longtime Scream scribe) would come back.” Williamson has been public about the fights with the studio that led to Ehren Kruger stepping in midway through production and rewriting the script. But apparently neither Williamson or Craven can stay away from the franchise that keeps tormenting them, and both have ideas they wouldn't mind bringing back.

I admire Craven for refusing to engage any further in the rumor machine, insisting on his well-earned vacation and presumably waiting for Bob Weinstein to come to him with a hell of an offer before he considers returning to the Scream set. Much as I enjoyed Scream 4 I'd be pretty happy if all of them stayed away for good, but if a delay is the best we can hope for at this point, I'll take it.

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