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News on The Weinstein’s next installment in the Scream franchise has been trickling out for months. So far we know that Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are on board to return in some capacity; but just exactly who’s directing this thing has been something of a mystery. Tonight we’ve learned from reliable sources that Wes Craven, who directed all three previous Scream movies, is back at the helm.

In January we heard that Craven might be involved in Scream 4, but wasn’t necessarily directing. Nearly a year later though, the movie’s moving forward, and he’s stepping into the Scream 4 director’s chair.

In the nearly ten years since Scream 3, Craven has kept busy with his usual slate of horror movies. His last blood curdler was the 2005 Rachel McAdams thriller Red Eye and he’s recently completed a serial killer thriller called 25/8. With nothing else on his plate, he’s free to start work on another Scream.

Craven may be back in the big seat, but don’t count on those returning cast members to appear in starring roles. Our source tells us that Neve Campbell’s part in the film may not be “big”.

UPDATE! Wes Craven has responded to our story. Check out his official response right here.

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