If you really want to be petty (and I know I do,) you can mention that Billy Ray is the writer of The Color of Night. The movie was nominated for almost every Razzie in 1994, including Worst Couple. The couple nominated was “any combination of any two people in the cast.” That’s pretty funny. A bigger person would mention his good movies as writer and director, like Breach and Shattered Glass, but where is the fun in that? Ray is also slated to write a remake of Michael Crichton’s future paranoia picture, 1973’s Westworld.

Ray told SCI Fi Wire that while he is currently writing a Westworld script; he will probably not direct the picture. It seems big budgets give him the heebie-jeebies. Actually, he said “I don't want the pressure of that kind of a budget sitting on my shoulders.” He prefers sunshine on his shoulders, it makes him happy.

The original Westworld was written and directed by super-author Michael Crichton. James Brolin and Richard Benjamin portrayed guests at an amusement park where robots and other mechanical illusions allowed visitors to play out their fantasies. Yul Brenner played a gunslinger robot who decided (along with the other machines) to live out their own fantasies, primarily killing annoying amusement park guests. Ray says "I love the basic idea of the movie, which is that our amusements can kill us." Yes, gotta love the entertaining death.

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