Sean:OK, let's start speculating. What do you think that facility is at the end of the trailer? The one that Tony needs all the Iron Men to infiltrate / defend?

Eric: I think it very well could tie to the shot we see of all of those men being strapped into those strange medical apparatuses. We've known for a while now that the movie has ties to the Extremis storyline in the comics, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the facility housing it all.

Sean: Interesting. Yes, I think we're going to have two big storylines with Mandarin and the Extremis plot.

How about the obvious nod to the Hulkbuster armor? Do you think that this has anything to do with the Planet Hulk rumors? Or just a coincidence?

Eric: I think Tony Stark is the kind of character who would see the need for a new kind of suit - like meeting the hulk - and just build it so that he can have it "just in case." My bet is that the Hulkbuster armor plays a role similar to the suitcase suit (aka Mark V) in Iron Man 2. The number of suits also goes a long way in explaining why the gold-plated suit we've been seeing everywhere is called Mark XLVII.

Sean: Yes, true.

Eric: He's spent his time between Avengers and Iron Man 3 just building new suits.

Sean: Like a mad man.

Eric: what else can you do when you can't sleep?

Sean: Right!

I had a similar conversation with Da7e from Latino Review, the site behind the Planet Hulk rumor. And he's with me on this one thing. If Tony actually refers to it as the Hulkbuster, then I think that's Marvel putting it on the audience's mind, and it says to me that they want it out there in case Stark needs it later. You know, to fight Hulk. [/GeekDream] Would you agree?

Eric: If they actually call it that, sure. But I honestly wouldn't expect it. Iron Monger was never directly called Iron Monger, Whiplash was never called Whiplash and War Machine has never been called War Machine.

Sean: Ha! Great points.

Eric: but that may go even further in proving your theory, because it will be them making a point of saying it. They're tricky devils over there at Marvel.

Sean: They are. And we'll certainly know everything for sure come May 3 … which seriously can not get here fast enough.

Eric: for you and me both!

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