X-Men/Fantastic Four
What Is It? The F4 and the X-Men have crossed paths several times in the comics, usually coming to blows briefly before settling their differences. One of those storylines could be revisited, though it’s likely a new one would be invented this time around.

Why This Might Be It? These are two of Fox’s biggest properties, and crossovers are all the rage now. So why not? At this point, the Fantastic Four would have been featured in two films, and very familiar to audiences. They could even interact with the First Class gang: Mr. Fantastic and company have experimented with time travel plenty of times.

Why This Might Not? The public was lukewarm on the two Fantastic Four movies already released. What makes them think the public wants three movies within a span of four years? The new Fantastic Four reboot is already a risk of sorts, and while Fox is showing confidence in the property with a plum summer 2015 release date, reboots often underperform when compared to predecessors. And which X-Men would they be meeting anyway? The Last Stand left the group in tatters, and you’d have to reintroduce the modern day mutants more than ten years after that film. Nevermind the fact that, amongst crossover characters, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men never shared too much DNA: their film counterparts are probably even more different.

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