Doctor Doom
What Is It? Born to a family of gypsies, inventor Victor Von Doom ended up building a massive fortune, surrendering to megalomania as the world’s most ambitious, and insane, scientist. It appears as if former colleague Reed Richards and his superhero team are his greatest nemeses, but in fact it may be the very laws of nature itself.

Why This Might Be It? Loki is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel movies canon and Sony is moving forward with Venom and The Sinister Six films. Both studios clearly understand the value and iconography of the company’s most beloved villains. But other than the aborted X-Men Origins: Magneto, which was refashioned into X-Men: First Class, Fox has sat on their Marvel baddies. And in Doctor Doom, they have maybe the richest: the earlier Fantastic Four films squandered the legendary adversary, who originally inspired a legion of pop culture madmen like Darth Vader and has a rich comic history spanning over fifty years. Given that we haven’t heard that Doom is even in this new Fantastic Four, perhaps they’re saving the reveal of the Four’s greatest antagonist for a second or third film a la The Dark Knight (with the Joker) and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (with the Green Goblin). He’s a fighter and a genius, a lover and a dictator. He’s beyond just one movie.

Why This Might Not? Well, frankly, we haven’t heard a peep about this from anyone else, so we’re pulling this out of thin air. Again, it’s the issue of three Fantastic Four films in four years, an irrational exuberance built out of confidence in Josh Trank’s ability to build an exciting and profitable mythology.

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