His Ability To Change
The main reason I remain enthralled by the Bond franchise is because it breaks Hollywood’s rules of continuity, and usually fickle fans are totally fine with it. Imagine if Warner Bros. recast Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, and handed the directorial reins to someone other than Christopher Nolan? Or if key action characters like Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker or John McClane had been recast with actors other than Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Bruce Willis, just to ensure longevity. Film fans would lose their minds – and rightfully so.

But the Bond franchise prides itself on reinvention – or “resurrection,” as Craig confirms in Skyfall. New faces reinterpret classic formulas, often with explosive results. The idea that gifted directors like Martin Campbell, Michael Apted or Sam Mendes can pop in and apply their voices to the Bond Blueprint remains thrilling. Over the years, the series also has reworked vital supporting parts, from M to Q to Feliz Leiter. The direction of the 007 series is simultaneously open-ended and pre-determined. Who’ll direct Bond next? Whom will he face off against? No one knows, and that’s the reason I keep coming back to the series time after time.

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