His Vices
James Bond is a mess. Were he poor, uneducated and incompetent, we’d all consider him a fool or an addict. Instead, he’s a man who enjoys playing on the fringes of high society. He pounds glasses of Bollinger in the afternoon. He gambles for millions of dollars in one sitting. He ruins marriages with a few extra glances of the eye. He throws right hands for no other reason than to prove he’s the toughest man in the room, and every so often, he risks everything merely to defend his pride. He’s the hyper-competent, ballsy college freshman lingering deep inside each and every one of us, and that’s why he’s so damn fun to watch.

Bond is the type of guy that will play for every last dollar in his wallet. He always goes big and never goes home alone. He has no off-switch, and while it’s best most of us don’t follow his lead, it’s fun to live vicariously through the secret agent. He’s a yes man for his own desires, his own lusts and his own longings. He leads the life we’d fashion if everything was always guaranteed to work out. Watching him is like therapy, and if it leads us to have the occasional morning martini while on vacation, why not?

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