When I met Ruben Fleischer to talk to him about Zombieland a few weeks ago, he swore up and down that he had no upcoming projects-- Zombieland had yet to open, after all, and Fleischer was still an unknown former music video director waiting to prove himself with a feature.

Now of course, Zombieland is the big hit of the fall, and according to THR, Fleischer won't be able to play dumb about his upcoming projects much longer. Turns out that when Woody Harrelson joked about Fleischer working with Will Ferrell next, during a press conference for the film, he either had information we didn't or guessed right-- Fleischer is considering directing Daddy's Home, which would star Will Ferrell as a man whose wife remarries an uptight guy (Ed Helms), and is thrilled when that marriage looks to be falling apart as well.

Or he might pick up Will Ferrell's leftovers, taking over the Neighborhood Watch project that Ferrell left over the summer. Or he could just go for Jonah Hill in the 21 Jump Street movie. ANything is possible for this guy, apparently.

Really, all any of us should be looking for is that Fleischer make more movies, and soon. Zombieland, despite some flaws, was a pretty exciting bit of filmmaking, and in a world in which we're likely to be getting Hangover knockoffs for years to come, Fleischer promises another option. Just get this guy a good screenplay, and he should be fine.

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