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You can't argue that Sam Raimi had his own specific vision for his Spider-Man films. Hell, it was he reason that he got kicked off and the while reboot debacle started. Be it the cameos by Bruce Campbell or the doctor-with-a-chainsaw scene in Spider-Man 2, Raimi was always telling the audience exactly who was behind the camera. So what if another auteur, whose style we would immediately recognize, were to take a shot at the web-slinger? Like, say, Wes Anderson.

I'm sure this idea has been bugging you since 2002, but may the demons haunt you no longer. YouTube user PrussianSunsets has posted a video with that exact concept. With various hints to Anderson's previous works (see if you can spot them all!), to awesome costumes, to a dead-on Owen Wilson impression, the short clip brings the goods. Check out the video below.

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