If You Liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Movie: Spider-Man faces his greatest challenge when he comes face-to-face with the villainous Electro as well as best friend Harry Osborn, now the Green Goblin. All the while, he tries to make it work with girlfriend Gwen Stacy and form some sort of normal life as Peter Parker.

The Movie's Inspiration: Hopefully you've seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2 already, and if so you'll note that it takes a big chunk of inspiration from the two-part story The Death of Gwen Stacy written by Gerry Conway. In that legendary story, Spidey faces self-doubt when he tries to rescue Gwen Stacy from her death at the hands of Green Goblin. The comic doesn't feature Electro, and there's a lot more depth and pathos than what was seen onscreen.

As for current continuity, the good news is, Peter Parker is no longer dead! Marvel "killed" the wall-crawler in 2012 when the dying Doctor Octopus placed Peter Parker's mind inside his own body and took over Peter's body in the process. For a year and a half, the Spider-Man running around the Marvel universe was secretly Doc Ock, branding himself The Superior Spider-Man in an effort to outdo Parker's past accomplishments. Ultimately he succeeded in some ways, failed in others, and somehow Parker was able to regain control of his identity and come back to the uniform. Currently, Spidey is all out of sorts, and the realization of what happened to him has not fully sunk in just yet. And for the record, Electro is still at large in the comics, though Harry Osborn seems to have settled down for now in post-supervillain retirement. Rhino, however, is apparently dead. For now.

Current Comics: The Peter Parker version of Spider-Man can be found in The Amazing Spider-Man comics series while also serving as a supporting player in The Superior Foes Of Spider-Man. He's also currently a member of the Mighty Avengers as well as the regular Avengers, should you seek that comic out. If you're looking for something different, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is not part of normal continuity and instead following young Spider-Man Miles Morales. While it's certainly fun and worth reading, it currently has no real connection to the latest run of films.

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