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Yesterday we ran a story about Warner Brothers picking up a spec script for their Wonder Woman project, despite having hired Joss Whedon two years ago to write one for them. Speculation (reached through “sources”) was that the script bore some similarities to Whedon’s script and the studio picked it up to avoid a potential lawsuit in the future. How wrong we all were – but that’s what happens when you don’t have all the pieces.

We still may not have all of the pieces, but we do have one big one now – Joss Whedon is no longer on the project anymore. According to a post the “Firefly” creator made on his official blog, he and the studio did not see eye to eye on the direction or budget of Wonder Woman so he’s been distanced from the project due to “non-simpatico.” There is no indication in Whedon’s post as to who left who, but it appears at the least to have been amicable.

The writer attacks the subject with his usual flair and style, admitting the most important thing about this news is that he can finally do interviews again because he no longer has to worry about “that question” – you know, the one we opened our story with yesterday: “Who will play Wonder Woman?” He claims he never got through the script process enough to even consider an actress for the role.

Where will Warner Brothers and Joel Silver go with Wonder Woman now? Well… they have a script – the aforementioned spec script written by a couple of new writers. Will they hire a known entity to punch it up and direct? Who knows, but right now there’s no Wonder working at all.