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When it comes to his super heroes, Joss Whedon likes the ladies. Hollywood Reporter reports that the man who made Buffy the Vampire Slayer an icon has his lasso on another incredible femme: Wonder Woman.

With his work on Serenty coming to a close, Whedon has signed on to both write and direct a Wonder Woman film. "Wonder Woman is the most iconic female heroine of our time, but in a way, no one has met her yet." said Joss. "What I love most about icons is finding out what's behind them, exploring the price of their power. When Joel and I began discussing the character, I realized there is a woman behind the legend who is very fascinating, very uncompromising and in her own way almost vulnerable. She's someone who doesn't belong in this world, and since everyone I know feels that way about themselves, the character clicked for me." No word yet on how Whedon feels concerning the invisible jet.

Producer Joel Silver chimed in: "Wonder Woman was the first great female superhero to emerge from comic books and later inspire millions of fans in her television incarnation, but unlike her counterparts Batman and Superman, this groundbreaking heroine has yet to be reinvented for the feature film arena."

He says that likes it's a bad thing! It seems no superhero can escape the Hollywood onslaught. Frankly, I'm not sure I'll ever be able to see anyone but the incomparable Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman (although casting her is likely out of the question), but if a movie must be made, at least the Amazon Princess is in good hands.

Not to be outdone, President of Warner Bros. Pictures Jeff Robinov had this little nugget to share: "We are excited about working with Joss....His work on 'Buffy' makes him uniquely qualified to handle the Wonder Woman character." Why? Because both characters are women? Wow, with that kind of logic it's a wonder these execs can find their way to the curb for their limos in the morning.

Joss Whedon is a good choice for Wonder Woman because he knows comics. and he knows how to tell a story. Despite the fact that the comic book superhero movie genre is getting old, fast, this one seems to be off on the right start .

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