From the mid-80s to 2000, there were few recording artists in the world more popular or successful than Whitney Houston. In that time the singer recorded four albums, all of which went platinum at least four times over, and even had a couple winners at the box office, Mick Jackson's The Bodyguard pulling in over $400 million internationally. A large portion of the last 11 years, on the other hand, haven't treated Houston nearly as well. From her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown to her use of illegal drugs, Houston became a shadow of her former self.

Recently, however, she has begun to get her act together, releasing a new album - "I Look To You" - in summer 2009 and going on tour. Now the singer/actress is ready to make her way back to the silver screen. According to THR, Houston is now in talks to join Jordin Sparks and Mike Epps in Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 Sam O'Steen film that was loosely based on the rise of the Supremes. If Houston signs on it will be her first film since 1996's The Preacher's Wife. The script was written by Mara Brock Akil, creator and executive producer of BET's The Game, and will be directed by Akil's husband, Salim Akil.

Sparks will take center stage in the film as the titular Sparkle and Houston would play her "not-so encouraging mother." Epps will play a stand-up comedian named Satin who begins a relationship with one of the other members of the group and gets her addicted to drugs. Houston has actually been attached to the project for years as a producer, as it was originally going to star R&B artist Aaliyah.

Given all she's been through, it would be great to see a happy, healthy Whitney Houston back on the big screen. Let's hope she can make it work.

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