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The first "non-saga" Star Wars movie is less than a year away and while we know the general plot of the film, little else is known at this point. We did just receive one piece of information and, if the dots connect in the way that they appear to, then it’s possible that we may have learned the name of Felicity Jones’ character in the film: Lyra Erso.

The news comes via a casting site and the details of an actress named Gabrielle Fritz. Fritz is listed as being the photo double for the character of Lyra Erso. While no other details are given, probability dictates that this could very well be the photo double for Felicity Jones, so Lyra Erso may be her character name. Because Jones is the only white woman that we know will have a major role in the movie, it makes sense. It’s possible that there is another character that we’re not currently aware of, but if that’s the case, then we just uncovered the name of a new character. So one way or another, this is breaking news.

The biggest issue with this being Jones’ double is that Gabrielle Fritz is a full four inches taller than Felicity Jones, which would make photographing Fritz in place of Jones a little more tricky than simply putting the two in the same costume. However, this info is posted by Making Star Wars, which, while not 100% perfect in their news, has proven themselves to be more right than not.

The name, Lyra Erso, doesn’t tell us much. The character actually has a last name, which is an improvement over most of the important characters is Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will follow the team that obtained the original Death Star plans which were of vital importance in the original film. The fact that the Death Star plans were stolen is mentioned in the opening text crawl of Star Wars: A New Hope and then never comes up again.

The movie has put together a solid cast. In addition to Felicity Jones, the movie also stars Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Forrest Whitaker and Donnie Yen, among others. We have few details about who all these characters are, beyond Mikkelsen’s claim that he’s playing against type and actually won’t be a bad guy this time around.

Do you have any Star Wars excitement left after the build up from The Force Awakens? As much as we want to get all that film’s questions answered, we’re really curious what this kind of Star Wars movie is going to look like. How about you?
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