Hey, You Look Familiar: Ben Affleck is making his maiden voyage as the Caped Crusader in Batman vs. Superman, but the character has been a sensation for decades, starting with the Adam West television in the 1960s to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy (the last two films in that franchise collecting a billion dollars each). Not counting serials, this will be the character's eleventh time on the big screen.

You Remind Me Of: Batman's probably going to me the moral compass of the group, and as the odd man out in a group of gods and monsters, he's more akin to Captain America than anything else.

Team Function: Just like in the comics and various television shows, Batman will likely be more than a little paranoid about his fellow Justice Leaguers, and mostly keep to himself. Rumors regarding Batman vs. Superman peg the new vision for the character as a true loner, one who sends Bat-drones across Gotham and aligns himself against the Man of Steel.

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