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There are a ton of spoilers in Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A ton. As we have written repeatedly, Webb and his crew are attempting to build a larger mythology with The Amazing Spider Man 2, and the movies that have been announced to follow it. A Venom spinoff. A standalone Sinister Six movie. The next Spider-Man film. There are huge reveals in Webb’s movie that are going to be talked about online for the next two weeks. And American audiences will NOT be able to avoid them.

The Internet doesn’t care where you live. The Internet feeds on spoilers. Sites will want to discuss, at length, what happens in the third act of Webb’s sequel. Fans will want to react to it on social media. Oh, sure. Sites can post warnings. But good luck dodging the major plot reveals thrilling audiences in Spider-Man 2 from now until May 2, when the movie finally opens here.

And like we said, this is only the beginning. The UK Film Distributor’s Association now reports that Warner’s still-untitled Batman/Superman movie will avoid going head-to-head with Captain America 3 by opening earlier overseas – specifically, on April 29, 2016.

In response to that stark reality, Forbes writes, "The truth is that big films are debuting outside the U.S. first because the U.S. is becoming less important as a single territory as opposed to the combined overseas market and/or certain major markets like China and Russia.

"This latest [Batman] news is just another prime example of how America is no longer the all-important market that it once was," Forbes continues. "When not even a Batman movie opens in America first, what does it say about the importance of what is technically still the top movie going market in the world?"

It’s a great question, and one that seems to crop up on day’s like today, when U.S. audiences watch reactions to coveted blockbusters flood Twitter, while we stand in line at local multiplexes, look up at the marquee, and choose between A Haunted House 2 or Bears.

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