The first reason I think Disney refrained from sharing any concrete information on Episode VII is that there isn’t any concrete information to share. The title wasn’t revealed because the movie doesn’t have one yet. No actors were confirmed because the roles in Michael Arndt’s screenplay aren’t firm yet. And that sounds like trouble.

Abrams was brought onto Episode VII back in January. JANUARY! It was reported last November that Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3 scribe Michael Arndt was tackling the next chapter in the Star Wars saga. Are you trying to tell me that he and Abrams don’t have enough of an outline that they can at least share the sequel’s title, and maybe a few of the classic Star Wars characters that might be returning to movie theaters in 2015?

An absence of details, however, now starts to feel like Star Wars is succumbing to more of Abrams’ Mystery Box bullshit. Remember all the smoke, mirrors and misdirection surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch’s Star Trek Into Darkness villain? Yeah, it ended up being Khan … the character Abrams and his entire crew swore it wouldn’t be. They were lying. It was exactly who we thought it would be the entire time.

This is different, however. Abrams and Team Star Wars aren’t telling us one thing and hoping we’ll believe them. They’re saying nothing, and hoping we’ll still care. That leads me to my final theory as to why Disney told us nothing new about Star Wars: Episode VII at D23: They don’t feel like they have to.

And in a way, I agree with them.

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