You might recall Webb retweeting a column I wrote about the expansion of the Spider-Man universe on screen. “Think bigger” was the message Webb pulled out of that column and shared with his followers. The director is proving to be very open about his Spider-Man plans on Twitter. But I don’t think he’s being that open.

Do I believe Webb is setting up the Venom story? Absolutely, though I’m also beginning to think that they’re going to sidestep Eddie Brock completely and just rewrite the storyline as Harry Osborn’s arc. The pieces seem to be in place. Peter’s dad worked for Harry’s father at Oscorp. At some point in the the next Spidey sequel – or possibly even further down the line – we can learn that Richard Parker’s research at Oscorp led to the creation of the Venom suit. We know that Norman Osborn is sick. That was revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man. But we don’t know what ails him. Maybe it’s cancer? That reveal would cement the eventual use of Venom, and in that instance, it would make more sense for DeHaan’s version of Harry to want to wear the suit to possibly assist his father. It also has been suggested that Sony wants to do a spinoff Venom movie, which director Josh Trank once circled.

DeHaan, as you know, worked on the low-budget but extremely creative superhero film Chronicle with Trank. I mean, that’s just too much symmetry to ignore.

But this all should happen down the road. If Webb (and Sony) wants to do this right, they need to do what the director has preached: Think bigger. But also, take the time to map all of this out, and don’t cram Venom’s origin into a sequel while also making room for a secondary villain (a la Sandman in Spider-Man 3). I swear that’s what Webb is doing – planting several seeds for multiple villains who can be cultivated over time. And I still believe he’s laying the groundwork for an eventual Sinister Six movie, but I’d be surprised if it happened immediately.

And I don’t believe Webb spoiled his own sequel with a revelatory photographed shared on Twitter. Honestly, do you?

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