Though Gotham City has always been a stand-in for New York in the Batman comics (hence the name), Christopher Nolan's version of the metropolis in his first two Caped Crusader films was based on Chicago, a city that the director spent a great deal of his childhood in. While it's fairly ignorable detail even for comic book purists, both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were filmed there. So why on Earth would they be using a helicopter to shoot plate shots over New York for The Dark Knight Rises? Batman-on-Film has gotten word from a source that calls himself "A.P." that Nolan has already begun work on his third Batman film by sending a helicopter with a camera over the Big Apple because he "wants to get the city with snow on the ground."

If it wasn't already clear, this movie makes very little sense. Even if the idea is to get some snow in the shot, I'm fairly certain they could do that in the Windy City where the temperature currently stands at a balmy 12°F. Like many Batman rumors of the past, this one just doesn't make much sense at all. Unless it's confirmed by Warner Bros. or Christopher Nolan himself, New Yorkers can feel free to ignore the whirlybirds next to the Empire State Building.

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