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The brain trust that surrounds Christopher Nolan as he prepares The Dark Knight Rises is complex and impenetrable as ever, but Badass Digest believes they've gotten a few shreds of information from the inside. They're hearing a few things from one reliable source, including that by the end of the movie Anne Hathaway's Catwoman will become one of Batman's allies, and that the two of them will be teaming up to fight the League of Shadows.

If that is in fact what the ending of the film will be, it's bringing the entire Nolan-directed trilogy full circle-- the League of Shadows is the organization fronted by Ra's al Ghul, that trained Bruce Wayne out in the wilderness before he became Batman and eventually came to Gotham City to take their revenge on him and all the overprivileged citizens. With Marion Cotillard probably playing Talia al Ghul, it makes sense for her to be coming back with the whole team of assassins. Badass Digest's source also says the Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character, still under wraps, will be part of the League somehow.

Now remember, any time you start thinking you know what's going on in a Nolan film, it's entirely possible that it will change, or even that it's fake information deliberately leaked by the crew. There's no knowing anything for sure, but that said, this sounds pretty convincing. What do you guys think? Is this a plot you'd be happy to see wrapping up Nolan's Batman franchise?

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