Can someone explain to me exactly where the hell Sam Worthington came from? One minute he's as well known as my neighbor who knits sweaters for her cats and the next he is stealing thunder from John Connor in a Terminator sequel and headlining the first James Cameron film in 12 years. The man is certainly the breakthrough action star of 2009 and with that title, of course, he will be the subject of rumor for every action film for the next five years. So what tent pole will Worthington be "attached to" next?

HollyScoop, which has a name as reputable as The Sun, has reported that the man is now on a shortlist of actors being looked at to bring back Flash Gordon, the interstellar polo player who fights Ming the Merciless on planet Mongo (Don't you miss the 1930s?) Ryan Reynolds is among the other actors being looked at for the role, but with Green Lantern and Deadpool already on his plate, he seems already stuffed with comic book properties.

The project has been banging around since mid-2008, with first-timers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless working on the script and Breck Eisner attached to direct, but with Eisner recently signing on to direct The Brood, it will probably be a little while before it begins to appear on marquees. As far as remakes go, this isn't even that bad of an idea (it is at least on the level of Clash of the Titans), provided they keep one element from the 1980 film:

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