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Will Sasso's name surfaced exactly a month ago as one of the many in contention for The Three Stooges, the new take on the classic comic figures from directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly. Sasso's possible participation was overshadowed by some bigger names, like Johnny Knoxville and Larry David, but now he seems to be the likeliest to actually get on board; according to THR, Sasso has resurfaced as a "likely frontrunner" for the film, though there's no deal officially in place.

In fact, the entire story is so based on rumor that it includes Cher being "interested," after tweeting last week about meeting with the Farrellys to play a nun in the film. So really, there's no telling where Sasso might wind up in the casting shakedown. After all the rumors about who the Farrellys might bring on board, including the recent will-he-or-won't-he scuffle about Johnny Knoxville starring that eventually ended with the Jackass star not on board at all, it would be a little anticlimactic for the relatively unknown Sasso to be the first official cast member. Then again, after all this speculation, I'm ready to just see any kind of cast take shape.

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