Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee movies may look really stupid from the outside (severely ugly woman uses magic to get kids to shape up? Really?) but the truth is that both films have been fairly well received by critics and have appealed both both adult and young audiences. Beyond that, Thompson is quite the gifted writer, having adapted one of the best Jane Austen movie's, Ang Lee's Sense and Sensibility, for the big screen. So why she'd want anything to do with the Will Smith-produced remake of Annie is beyond me.

Vulture is reporting that Smith and Jay-Z (who is providing the movie's music) are currently talking with Thompson about writing a new script for their project. First announced back in January, the project is being orchestrated by Smith so that he can give his daughter, Willow, a movie career. Thompson also happens to be co-starring in Men In Black III with the Fresh Prince as Agent O, the new head of the secret organization. It is unknown if the deal would mean Thompson would have a part in the remake as well.

Emma Thompson is far, far too good for this project. This entire movie is born out of nepotism, and I can't imagine why anyone - including Jay-Z - would want anything to do with it. It's a shame that refusing the project would make things really awkward on the Men in Black set and that movie has enough problems as it is.

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