Alert: Will Smith is making a film about a father and his child. Last time it happened, it launched the film career of his son Jaden Smith with Pursuit of Happyness; that child is now going on to remake The Karate Kid. Since this time the story is about a father and a daughter, I'm guessing the kid will be played by Willow Smith. Prepare for her to take the Hilary Swank role in the Karate Kid sequel.

The new project in question is The City That Sailed, a Fox project that recently signed I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence to develop and direct it. Variety write that the script, originally from Andrew Niccol, is about a father and daughter living on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Apparently when you're Will Smith, your passion for your children can be so large that it causes Manhattan to float away into the Atlantic Ocean. And here we thought it was just zombie-killing skills he'd been honing that whole time.

I like the idea of Smith and Lawrence creating their own vision of Manhattan again, since, whatever your complaints about I Am Legend, the visuals were fantastic. And never doubt Smith's ability to take a threadbare concept and turn it into a feature. I just want you all to keep your eye on that Willow Smith character. She might turn out to be the dangerous one.

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