Will Smith may well be the biggest movie star in the world, but there’s still some competition in France he has to vanquish. He’ll star in a remake of the movie Welcome to the Sticks, a hit French-language comedy that’s on its way to being the country’s highest-grossing film in history (Titanic holds the record at the moment, naturally). Warner Bros. will distribute the English-language remake, Variety reports, and Smith will also produce.

The original movie is about a postal employee who moves from the sunny south of France (you know, where Cannes is) to the rainy north, referred to as “the sticks.” Given that this is a fish-out-of-water comedy, of course, he’s eventually won over by his new home. So what do we think the American version will be? Will Smith moves from sunny Miami to Bar Harbor, Maine? Or from inner city Brooklyn to plush Greenwich, Connecticut? Hey, we heard a story about a guy from the streets of Philadelphia, born and raised, who found himself in Bel Air, and that made for a pretty good comedy.

It feels like so long since we saw Will Smith in an out-and-out comedy, so it will be nice to see him flexing the comedic muscles that have served him so well in action movies. And as familiar as fish-out-of-water or culture clash comedies are, they’re always entertaining (“Do you understand the words coming outta my mouth!” and so forth). So suck it, French! We can redo your comedies, put our best star in the part, and once again earn your scorn for ruining everything. Oh, and thanks for not booing Indiana Jones at Cannes.

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