Last week we learned that Sacha Baron Cohen had been cast in Steven Spielberg’s post-Indiana Jones film The Trial of the Chicago Seven as protestor Abbie Hoffman. Now the rest of the cast seems to be taking shape, and Spielberg may be stacking it with A-listers.

According to a rumor from Vanity Fair, Will Smith, Taye Diggs, Adam Arkin, Kevin Spacey, and Philip Seymour Hoffman could be attached to the project. The film follows the story of Vietnam war protestors who interrupted the 1968 Democratic convention in a violent confrontation, so there are likely plenty of major parts to go around.

I like that Will Smith’s name is suddenly being tossed around in the same breath with “serious” actors and perennial Oscar contenders like Spacey and Hoffman. Maybe I Am Legend had a little something to do with that. For now though, his involvement and that of the other actors Vanity Fair lists, is just rumored. Spielberg is still busy finishing up Indiana Jones, a movie which, despite producer/writer George Lucas’s negativity to the contrary, we’re all dying to see.

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