A Star Is Born feels like the epitome of Old Hollywood, with the most famous version of the story starring Judy Garland as a young ingenue and James Mason as the man who makes her famous as his career declines. Is there really a way to make a new version of the movie when the studio system is dead and most stars a born thanks to reality TV or sex tapes?

Easy: set it in the music business, which follows so many arcane rules about success that it's, well, falling apart. According to THR, a long-gestating version of the movie is finally heading forward, with Will Fetters signed on to do a draft of the script.

Apparently they've been hoping Beyonce would do the movie for a while now, but she hasn't yet confirmed any participation. It's pretty much a role made for her though-- she's the young ingenue who falls for the heavyweight star, who'd probably be played by, I dunno, Terrence Howard or Jamie Foxx. Sounds like a good plan, so long as it can turn out just a touch better than Dreamgirls.

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