It's barely a few weeks after the film’s announcement and already Odd Thomas is one of the most talked about film’s of 2011--or at least the one with the most news happening around it. The lead role has been given to Star Treker Anton Yelchin, who will play a short order cook who hangs out with ghosts and can sense when there’s bad juju around. Addison Timlin recently took a role once rumored for Lily Collins as Yelchin’s sidekick and girlfriend Stormy Llewellyn, and now even more casting news comes our way.

THR has it that long time actor and full-on BAMF Willem Dafoe is in talks to step into the role of the town’s police chief, the only person besides Stormy who knows about Thomas’s gift. This news comes just a few days after it was announced that Tim Robbins could also be joining the cast, though his role has yet to be revealed.

If Odd Thomas lands both of these actors, this will be the film to look out for in 2012. We’re all well aware of Yelchin’s ability, and Timlin gave strong performances in the indie drama Afterschool and Showtime’s comedy Californication; adding Robbins and Dafoe will only solidify the film’s cred. Keep an eye out for these confirmations in the coming weeks.

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