This has been a big news week for screen writer William Monahan. We heard earlier this week that the Oscar-winning scribe was reteaming with Martin Scorsese for The Gambler, a remake of the 1974 James Caan film. The pair each won their first Oscar together for The Departed back in 2006.

Monahan has added yet another flick to his growing list of upcoming projects in the form of Sin City 2. The original film was penned and co-directed by Frank Miller, who also wrote the graphic novel the film was based on, so this will be the first time someone other than Miller will be messing with the material. But, having someone who can write as sharply as Monahan will add an edge to this sequel that the first one lacked.

Of course, we have to keep in mind that this project has been in and out of the news since the first one hit way back in 2005, so adding a new writer doesn’t mean they’ll be filming anytime soon. According to THR however, Miller said that once the script is locked, everything else will be ready to go, and that they expect all the actors to return if their characters appear, especially Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba, whose respective Marv and Nancy will surely play a major role. Back at Comic Con Robert Rodriguez seemed very confident that Sin City 2, which he'll direct, is going into production soon; maybe Monahan's involvement is what made him so sure?

Next on Monahan’s plate is the much talked about Joe Kosinski project Oblivion, another graphic novel adaptation, which he’ll follow that up by writing and directing a period piece called Becket. Not surprisingly the Oscar winner has kept busy, and with any luck once he rounds out the Sin City 2 script we’ll finally get the sequel we’ve been waiting for for the last six years.

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